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  • Webinar on characterization of drugs, drug targets and viruses using small angle2020-10-16

      The global COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes the need to speed up the stages of drug development, reduce the wastage rate of candidate drugs and establish reliable drug testing standards to ensure that only safe and effective drugs can enter the market. Small angle / wide angle X-ray scatterometer (SAXS / WAXS) uses fast and powerful methods

  • Successful installation and training of X-ray single crystal diffractometer in O2019-11-25

      On October 8, 2019, stoe's X-ray single crystal diffractometer (stativari) was officially installed in Ocean University of China. After three days of professional installation and debugging, the installation task of X-ray single crystal diffractometer has been successfully completed, and has also been highly praised by users.

  • The 9th International Symposium on engineering plastics2019-08-27

      The 9th International Symposium on engineering plastics was held as scheduled in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The conference was sponsored by the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. In order to continue the success of previous EP conferences, EP'2019 Yinchuan conference will continue to be dedicated as a platform for participating polymer scientists to exchange research progress and share innovative ideas.

  • The first X-ray single crystal diffractometer of German stoe company in China wa2019-05-22

      The first X-ray single crystal diffractometer of German stoe company in China was successfully installed in the modern experimental technology center of Anhui University! On April 25, 2019, the X-ray single crystal diffractometer was officially put into trial operation, and all indicators met the requirements. It will be open to teachers and students of all departments and units outside the school.

  • Shanghai light source has made remarkable achievements in the past ten years of 2019-05-14

      On May 6, 2019, Shanghai light source ushered in the 10th anniversary of opening. The meeting was jointly held by the Shanghai Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of higher learning and Zhangjiang laboratory, with 318 experts and representatives from 96 units in China participating in the meeting.

  • Xenocs brings the latest xeuss 3.0 to the 4th International Conference on energy2019-05-07

      From May 3 to 6, 2019, the Fourth International Conference on energy materials and Nanotechnology (energy and environmental materials) was held in Hubei University. Jointly sponsored by Hubei University and energy & environmental materials magazine, the conference aims to gather the advantageous resources of science and technology, education and business circles, provide a platform for promoting international exchanges and cooperation in this field, and promote the rapid development of related disciplines and research of the University.

  • 第二届射线成像研讨会上优纳珂X射线探测器备受关注2018-11-06


  • 优纳珂助力上海光源第八届用户会 ——为您提供全方位解决方案2018-09-03


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As the sales office and after-sales service center of Mar company, stoe company and Oxford cryosystems company in China, Beijing Unocal Technology Co., Ltd. is also the main partner of detris company in China, including the exclusive agent in the field of synchrotron radiation in China, specializing in X-ray scattering and diffraction structure analysis instruments and related accessories Consumables in the domestic promotion, sales and R & D and production, we make unremitting efforts to provide customers with fully integrated, high value-added all-round solutions.t present, our company's main products are all applied products in the field of X-ray scattering and diffraction, mainly including biological macromolecules...MORE+